Ladies Community Bible Study
Beginning a new session January 3rd, 2019
Ladies, how about making a New Year’s resolution to get into a Bible Study and learn more about our mighty God and his love for us.   We invite you to come and be a part of the Ladies Community Bible Study which has been blessing women in Phillipsburg for many years.   Each gal studies the assigned chapter from God’s Word throughout the week.   Then we come together and share our thoughts about what God has shown us in our study.   We experience precious fellowship and personal spiritual growth as we study and share together.   We make new friends as we learn more about one another. We share prayer needs.  We laugh and sometimes cry together.

This year we are studying the book of Acts. As the 2019 session begins on January 3, we’ll be looking at the       missionary journeys of the apostle Paul.   We meet every Thursday morning at 9:00 at First Christian Church, 7th and Park. Please consider this a personal invitation to come and join us.   If you can’t make it on Jan. 3, come any time.   We’d love to have you and you will be blessed.

LADIES COMMUNITY BIBLE STUDY Beginning January 3rd 2019
Join us every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.
Ladies, we would encourage you to come and be blessed.   Not only will you be blessed as you study God’s Word, but you will also be blessed as you fellowship with Christian ladies from our community.   This Bible study has been going for many years and has been a source of spiritual growth for women from many churches.   We are blessed to be able to host it here at First Christian Church.   Come join us!   We meet every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.